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Holographic Witness Mano Le Tough

Release date: November 25, 2022
Cat No: Playrjc 083
Barcode: 4250101444371
Playrjc 083
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Includes high-quality Mp3 download
Live At Robert Johnson proudly presents the new »Holographic Witness« EP by Niall Mannion aka Mano le Tough!

Please enjoy four very special tracks made by experienced Irishman Mannion near beautiful Lake Zurich. Four tracks to jump into like Zurich folks jump into the Limmat to get carried away. Now here's YOUR chance to get carried away too!

Let's start with the hypnotic grooves of »Holographic Witness« with its subtle handclaps and percussions turning this bass-line driven monster to further heights - a bass-line quite reminiscent of that special Miami sound made famous by the Murk guys back in the early 90ies. Add some balearic guitar riffings and wait until that mighty bass drum comes back in after 6 minutes and you'll find yourself dreaming on a dancefloor in heaven.

Niall continues with more pounding drum sounds in next tune »Kakooja«. Stabbing synths sounds dominate this track while Niall manages to create another dreamy vibe again for this monotonous (in a very positive way that is) work of art - a dreamy vibe which can be found on any of Niall's EP's tracks. This leads us directly to »Last Floating Figh, Liufe Floating« where Mr. Mannion floats into much quieter shores. It's a very meditative affair which makes you want to listen to it over and over again once the tune comes to an end. We think that Señor Villalobos might unleash this one very soon onto some European dancefloor … don't you think?

On »Weather Master«, this EP's last track, Niall masters the art of trippy sounds for a fourth time building another dreamy hypnotic groove that is just beautiful. Maybe too beautiful for this world … we don't know, but what do we know? We're fans. Fans of Mano Le Tough who does not seem so tough at all considering his first offering for Live At Robert Johnson.

Maybe you should consider becoming a fan too - in case you aren't already …

Sláinte, Niall! We raise our glasses respectfully!

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