Hoppla / Talk Arsy / Rubinskee

Release date: March 11, 2013
Cat No: Liebe 041
Barcode: 880319612411
8,48 €
  • release
Arsy is a promising talent from the former East German town of Dessau. With a solid foundation of tracky, hypnotic releases on labels like Enough Music as 'Arsen1Computerklub', he now comes to Liebe*Detail with the delightful 'Hoppla'. Smooth and gently swinging, it's a clean and patient track, evolving over 9 minutes with an addictive tonal theme at its core.

Rubinskee - Talk

Hot off the press, budding Mexican producer Rubinskee drops his vinyl debut with a super deep cut named 'Talk'. Tripping afterhours vibes and an inventive mixture of tight drums, vocal manipulations and jazzy melodies combine with surprising results! Mexico City clearly has plenty more tricks up its sleeve when it comes to new electronic music - take Rubinskee as an example.

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