Album artwork for House Party

House Party Kev Koko



Release date: January 19, 2024
Cat No: EGM 010
Barcode: 4250101466274
EGM 010
21,90 €
  • 657980202e978
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House Party is the 2023 debut album by German musician Kev Koko. After rising to international fame as part of a techno trio during the 2010s and producing multi platinum hits for German artists during the pandemic, ‘House Party’ marks the return of Kev Koko as an artist. To reflect both the multitude of influences as well as the collaborative spirit that define Kev Koko’s work, every song features another artist from Berlin’s music scene: From techno artists (southstar & ALCATRAZ) and German rap stars (Pashanim & Yung Hurn), to newcomers like Ceren & Sita Messer. - “I wanted to capture what a house party in Berlin in 2023 sounds like. Journeying from techno to rap, from electronic music to hyper pop. You are all invited.”

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