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Hypnotone's iconic self titled mini album reissued!

Originally released by Creation Records in 1991, long out of print and now reissued, meticulously remastered and pressed onto pristine white vinyl.

Exclusive liner notes by band member Tony Martin "The Hypnotone Story: From Manchester to Creation" and including after hours favorite "Sub" and Balearic hit "Dream Beam" featuring vocals by Denise Johnson.

Formed in the vibrant milieu of Manchester's legendary Hacienda nightclub, Hypnotone emerged from the creative partnership of Tony Martin and Martin Mittler. Tony, initially involved as the in-house lighting designer, and Mittler, a bar staff member, fused their interests and talents amid the fervor of the late '80s Acid House movement that pulsated through the club. Their musical venture began earnestly after an introduction to Alan McGee, head of Creation Records. This connection would soon lead to a record deal, propelling Hypnotone into the heart of the emerging electronic dance music scene, releasing 2 albums, multiple singles and standout remixes for artists such as Primal Scream, Sheer Taft, and The Lilac Time.

With Creation Records' support, Hypnotone crafted their unique sound combining state-of-the-art digital samplers like the Akai S1000 with a collection of classic analog synths. Their debut self titled mini album includes after hours favorite "Sub" and Balearic hit "Dream Beam" featuring vocals by Denise Johnson. Hypnotone not only shaped their distinct sonic footprint but also influenced the broader trajectory of electronic music. Their journey, marked by innovation anda deep affinity for Manchester's music scene, exemplifies the transformative power of the era's cultural and technological shifts in music.

This is another must have for collectors and fans of early British (pop) house music, and very happy memories.

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