I Can Never Get Enough EP

Release date: February 15, 2010
Cat No: SPECTRAL 087
Barcode: 804297998718
4,90 €
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Gadi Mizrahi_s first EP, I Can Never Get Enough embodies the kind of musical promiscuity that informs the parties and label output generated as one half of NYC_s infamous Wolf+Lamb duo. The title track announces itself with a languorous, supple pulse, before introducing a surprising degree of musicality and complexity-the nominal disco of “She Don_t” doesn_t just reward frequent listens, it demands it-for such an effortlessly inviting work. “Oh Love” turns up the heat with a brisk, fluid funk, a nod to Mizrahi_s jack-happy forebears, and a fantastically WTF vocal drop as centerpiece. “She Don_t” returns on the flip, with a remix from Berlin_s Lowtec, teasing out the suppressed tension of original into sprawling, minimal house horizons. “I Can Never Get Enough” revisits bounce which may as well refer to its own sumptuous syncopation. Opening with a wicked little breakbeat sample, a bevy of shakers and a dubbed-out diva take over until the sky clears as the bass drops and the beat blooms into a genuine fist-pumper. All told, I Can Never Get Enough makes for a wild ride and a blindingly bright debut from Mizrahi. NOTE: The artwork shown above is the digital version. Vinyl version includes art labels & sticker with the vinyl inserted in a Spectral Sound Generic Jacket.

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