Album artwork for I.d.

I.d. Shadow Movement



Release date: April 7, 2014
Cat No: D.O.C. 002
Barcode: 880319652912
Coloured 12"
D.O.C. 002
Sold Out
Shadow Movement is a Project which started in 2012. After working as solo artists, both Rafael and Raul decided to share their ideas in a new experience. From house to techno, at this new stage they seek to take their music, loaded with melody and breakthrough content, to the next level. Their influence comes from great electronic music classics to 70's and 80's progressive rock, which they really admire. One year after the project began; they got the support and incentive necessary to achieve their goals, which was definitive for their future. 2014 is the starting point for the duo to hit the road, along with releases scheduled for the first part of the year which promise to surprise the public.

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