Album artwork for I'm Starting To Feel Ok Vol.3

I'm Starting To Feel Ok Vol.3 V/A

Release date: July 27, 2009
Cat No: Endless Flight CD 3
Barcode: 880319426421
Endless Flight CD 3
13,70 €
10,96 €
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This compilation is a vol.3 of series compilation “I'm starting to feel ok”, included many exclusive songs from mark e,naum gabo(jonnie wilkes/optimo),wild rumps(dj cosmo), Henrik Schwarz,sasse,mr raoul k,brendon moeller and mixed by kza of force of nature. Opening track is a highlight single on mule musiq in the last year,theo parrish remix of kuniyuki.mark e is a hottest nu disco artist at the moment.cos/mes is a new producer from japan,their lastest relese was picked up to the prins Thomas mix cd on Robert Johnson. Naum gabo is a jonnie wilkes of optimo.japanese good newcomer discosession made a cosmic slow disco will be released on 12inch from endless flight in august. The jazzy break beats track from soft rocks,it's taken from endless flight 12. Irealnd based producer “john daly” is a man of the moment,he just released the debut album from wave music and few single release from mule musiq,drumpoet and name a few. Italo disco artist “marcello giordani” already released 3 single from mule musiq(one is sampler 12inch “mule disco”) and this dj naughty remix was played from many dj's like Trevor Jackson. The excellent collaboration between Norway disco king “prins thomas” and Japanese disco king “force of nature” made a killer disco house. Loft family dj cosmo's “wild rumps” is a first appearance on mule release.this track is like a progressive disco version of carlos santana.simply killer tune. Mugwump is a belgium producer who release from kompakt,moodmusic.the ”runaway” remix is a highlight of this compilation. Mr raoul k is our favorite african deep house artist.his music is a very unique touch. The unreleased live mix version of henrik Schwarz remix is a more clubby than original release.this track is available on the sampler 12inch from this compilation. The debut album of dj sprinkles aka terre thaemlitz “midtown 120 blues” was highly recommended as one of the best album in 2008.this kuniyuki remix is a psychedelic and beautiful. Moodmusic boss “sasse” 's track is an early 90's taste house. Tony lionni who release from mule musiq,versatile,wave music and name a few is a one of the best newcomer in the last year. German young house music producer “motor city drum ensamble” made an excellent Chicago house style remix for dj sprinkles. Beatpharmacy's brendon moeller is a very busy guy for the many release under the several alias.this track is taken from upcoming new 12inch on mule musiq. Still going is a new project of eric d from rub n tug.this remix was very different what we're expecting but brilliant.

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