Album artwork for I'm Starting To Feel Ok Vol.4

I'm Starting To Feel Ok Vol.4 Various Artists

Release date: August 30, 2010
Cat No: Endless Flight CD 5
Barcode: 880319481222
Endless Flight CD 5
13,70 €
10,96 €
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I'm starting to feel ok is a label show case compilation of endless flight&mule musiq. The compilation kick off by the uk barearic artist “a mountain of one” remix of kuniyuki.this track is included on kuniyuki remix album which theo parrish,henrik Schwarz,chateau flight,cobblestone jazz did the remix. Eddie c is one of the most attractive artist in the nu disco scene.his debut album is coming in the beg of next year on endless flight. our most favorite Japanese dj/artist kza's new track “le troublant acid” is a melancholic disco tune. sect is a new project by soul clap(wolf&lamb) and this track is appeared on the sampler 12inch(endless flight26).their first 12inch was released on culprit records in may. belgian producer mugwump's new track is uplifting techy disco tune.this track is also appeared on the sampler 12inch(endless flight26). mark seven is a secret weapon of us.his old school sound reminds late 80's disco and prototype house music. Marcos cabral is a half of runaway and this track is a first solo has a emotional vibes of early new york house. kuniyuki “night forest oriental dub”&henrik Schwarz version of “once again” is a 12inch version from his new album “walking in the naked city”. This compilation try to show our all faces from leftfield music to nu disco to modern deep house.

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