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I’m Starting To Feel Ok Vol. 5 Various Artists

Release date: May 21, 2012
Cat No: Endless Flight CD 7
Barcode: 880319573224
Endless Flight CD 7
13,70 €
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Jack your body and feel at ease – the fifth edition of the „I’m Starting To Feel Okay“ compilation serial by the Japanese label Endless Flight is ready to lift your legs and most notably your emotions. A string of house trips handpicked by Toshiya Kawasaki, the soul behind such labels like Mule Musiq, Mule Electronic, and the Endless Flight imprint. As a classic label head honcho the man from Tokyo understands himself as a human membrane that scans music under the guidance of it’s own personal aesthetic taste. With various releases he already given lots of proof about his stylistically condifence. Also the twelve tracks he choosen now do not to latch on an ordinary formular of deepness. They stand against time and groove with musicality. They all hand out expressions of house music that groove heartfelt and want more then just to be a quick thrill for the dancing creatures of the night. Music that unites nerds and party people, that is made equally for silent aficionados and wild hedonists. House that grabs you by the neck and takes you away to an endless flight with multiple destinations. The compilation starts with the Ukraine house ambassador Vakula. The producer and DJ from Konotop walks on the path of Jazz with his spherical and dreamy opener „Interpretation“. His track is followed by a disco influenced trip by the Canadian Eddie C.. It’s called „Tunnel Mountain“ and grooves balearic while dancing with a keen krautrock twist. Then it is time for the Austrian Roman Rauch to fete his debut on Endless Flight after a string of highly acclaimed EP’s on such labels like Philpot or MoreAboutMusic Secret Weapon. The man from Vienna that Gilles Peterson ennobled to one of the most blessed young house producers of Europe keeps it simple. A touching melody, a dry drilling drum loop, a longing voice, and some kicking tempo alternations transform „Feelings“ into an uninstrusive intrusive anthem. A quality that Kuniyuki always can call his owm. Those who are familiar with the opus of the producer from Japan know: his music is about the heart and soul. And jazz, that is omnipresent in his track „Cairn“. After about 2 minutes Kuniyuki introduces an acoustic guitar that enlarges his composition with a twisted souljazz atmosphere which grows with any new listening turn. One more classic grower comes right away. It’s called „She Is The One“ and is produced by the Berlin based artist Franklin De Costa. His arrangement is one of those that drill themself unconcious into your mind and when you realise it’s in there you can’t get rid of it. A playful drift with airy rhythms and a gentle melody spirit that is followed by „Juno Sync“ of Juju & Jordash. The duo from Amsterdam spreads dusty atmospheres, echoed trumpets, and a discreet acid flavor that dances above a dry pumping bassline. Dark soul music that perfectly fits alongside „Hark“, a track by the media artist and producer Barnt from Cologne. His kraut influenced track longs for sunsets and leaves enough space for individual imaginations while dancing in the early morning sun. A perfect time of the day where the music of Lowtec always works ideal. After more then ten years the German producer reanimates his alias Red Sparrow and strikes with „Weep With Me“ - a timeless slow grooving house journey that is made for those who like to get lost in music. This you can do also while dancing to the percussion rhythms of „That Dam Love“, a smart deep rooted house drifter by Christopher Rau, the boy from Hamburg that earned world-wide applause with releases on such labels like Smallville Records, Giegling, or Pampa Records. After him his friend Lawrence call the tune with his incomparable romantic style. „Teenage Barb “ been released last year on his stirring Mule Electronic Ep „Above The Sky “ and since then it’s playful groove next to a sparkling piano melody takes hearts by storm. Shortly before the finish one more new name on the house map swings with a piano melody, a cool snare, and good old handclap energy. It’s called Creative Swing Alliance and the two French buddies behind the pseudonym are Strasbourgs most wanted contemporary house scientists. Their track „Everbody Stand Around“ electrifies with big portion of soul, that usually only legends like Moodymann are able to shape. The final arrangement of this diversified and perfectly matching house voyage is done by Oskar Offermann, another fella out fo the creative melting pot Berlin that avoids sterotypes. His string-laden „U Can You To Me Say“ is not a joke as the name might imply. Furthermore it’s a serious examination of nonchalant  house, that comes around to stay. And nothing else Toshiya Kawasaki aimed when he digged his favorite tracks to make „I’m Starting To Feel Okay Vol. 5 “ indispensdable for folks that want to listen to house that proudly wears the label classic!

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