Album artwork for Identifier

Identifier Deniro



Release date: March 26, 2021
Cat No: DGTL 014
Barcode: 4250101426322
Serving up another release by one of techno’s prominent names, DGTL Records brings new music to the forefront with Deniro. The acclaimed techno artist is the moniker of Reynier Hooft van Huijsduijnen, known for his subtle and precise use of melody and rhythm in an intriguing fashion. Having been associated with the festival since 2019, the Dutch DJ/Producer has played at their ADE, Amsterdam and Digital DGTL editions. The 4-track EP titled ‘Identifier’ is set to release on March 26th. The EP’s opening track ‘Identifier’ is governed by gravity defying synth lines with a groovy drum running through the track. It’s signature to Deniro’s pull and push style, which has garnered the attention of several industry greats - ranging from Nina Kravitz, ROD and Hunee (to name a few). The remix by Marcel Dettmann makes for a stellar match, complimenting the original mix with a short, tougher re-imagination of the track. The German DJ/Producer is a familiar face on DGTL’s stages, in addition to being one of the most influential figures of contemporary techno in his own right. ‘Infrared’ is the third track on the EP and invokes a powerful groove and energetic synth jabs with darker undertones. It’s straight to the dancefloor with this one, melding fast arpeggios and 909 drums with fierce rhythm and racing percussion. The track is reminiscent of peak-time techno, and blends perfectly with the overall theme of the EP. True to its name, ‘Sunset’, the closing track on the EP, is distinctly melodic in nature. Playfully balancing it’s more percussion heavy counter-parts, the Detroit inspired track delivers you straight to Deniro-land - with no shortage of synth sounds and pads. The build-up of the track is defined by a steady rhythm and laid-back groove, laced with atmospheric and dreamy elements.

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