If I Let Go (Inc. Ulrich Schnauss & Michael Mayer Remix)

Label: BMG
Release date: November 2, 2018
Cat No: 538295291
Barcode: 4250101402401
11,90 €
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Circle Sky is an electronic band and communications network.

Based in London, with operatives working worldwide, the network is anonymous by nature, but inclusive and open source by design.

Iris is the current voice of the network, its messenger, its communicator and its focal point. She is always in the present.

The network is evolving in real time and its actions are guided by the response from its members, for whom all like minds are welcome to participate.

The network has started online but will continue offline as connections are made IRL with performances and transmissions. Circle Sky represents positive use of technology. There will inevitably be glitches in the network however. Which is where the fun starts...

The objective is to create a world and inclusive communications network around the band, using current and future technology.

Circle Sky is music first. The network is brought together by the music, and is there to support the musical connection with fans around the world.

Circle Sky is a network.