Album artwork for Im Remix (P.Kruder/M.Jonson/In Flagranti)

Im Remix (P.Kruder/M.Jonson/In Flagranti) Fred Und Luna



Cat No: CPT581-1
Barcode: 673794258119
11,20 €
  • 60fe713e3707c
  • release
The two mannequins from Karlsruhe have invited renowned guests to a night of the round vinyl: Peter Kruder is equipped with an exquisite Viennese Downtempo version of the Fred und Luna hit “People Mambo”. Mathew Jonson comes with a wunderbar groovy and jazzy remix of “Nichtmusikalische Stadt Unter Schritten/Das Ist Halt So.“ In Flagranti don’t want to be outdone and bring an interpretation of “Nichtmusikalische Stadt Unter Schritten“, which will leave you longing for that nowadays elusive dancefloor. Dodi Palese has remixed “Polytonikum” to a very rhythmic song of its own... Fred und Luna, together with Compost Records, want to share this five-star compilation with you for your listening pleasure as limited Vinyl-EP...

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