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Immer 2 Michael Mayer



Release date: October 30, 2006
Cat No: Kompakt CD 046
Barcode: 880319022128
Kompakt CD 046
12,80 €
Includes high-quality Mp3 download
It's been a long and prosperous road for MICHAEL MAYER since the 2002 release of his mix CD IMMER - proclaimed as a genre-defining moment for minimal house and techno, the praise from fans and the media was nothing short of overwhelming, throwing KOMPAKT's co-founder and musician into the spotlight as one of the worlds favourite DJ's and dance music tastemakers. His 2003 mix CD for FABRIC was recently proclaimed by XLR8R as one of the 100 most influential albums of it's time and PITCHFORK called him “one of the year's most vital artists, a sort of weatherman who determines which way the wind blows in Berlin, Cologne, and any place where ears are cocked.”. Following up the fanfare and acclaim surrounding the first IMMER couldn't have been easy, and to say that IMMER 2 has been highly anticipated is truly an understatement. MICHAEL MAYER took a year to compile the tracklisting that you see and hear now - these tunes are truly integral parts of his DJ sets and hold a strong personal relationship to him. IMMER 2 continues where the first left off, offering a panoramic view of the current scene and a hopeful glimpse into the future. MICHAEL MAYER's mixing abilities add a distinct level of personality and charm that relates to the classic procedure of elevation and drive yet he incomparably transforms dance tunes into song like you've never heard. Highlights include the heavenly static intro from up-and-comer SOMEONE ELSE (Foundsound), the Detroit-esque whispers from CROWDPLEASER & ST. PLOMB (Mental Groove Limited) and the devastating disco transition that TODD TERJE's remix of LINDSTROM (Feedelity) brings to drive this mix to it's peak. Plus of course the epic finale from SUPERMAYER's remix of the underappreciated GEIGER (Firm). In an unprecedented move, KOMPAKT and KOMPAKT-MP3 uni te on the f i r s t edi t ion of IMMER 2. The CD wi l l come wi th a FREE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD COMPILATION featur ing 7 of MICHAEL MAYER' s favor i te tunes in 320 kbps qual i ty MP3! Now the way i t works - those who have purchased IMMER 2 wi l l have an card in thei r CD containing inst ruct ions and a unique password that wi l l enable them to download the compi lat ion.
Was lange waehrt...IMMER 2 ist endlich da! Michael Mayers zweite KOMPAKT MiX CD mit vielen Bekannten.

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