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Immer 3 Michael Mayer



Release date: June 7, 2010
Cat No: Kompakt CD 083
Barcode: 880319045622
Kompakt CD 083
14,90 €
Includes high-quality Mp3 download
“The majority of these tracks have been long companions, ever reliable secret weapons. They never failed me and continue to excite me even after a thousand plays.” - MICHAEL MAYER It's been almost eight years since our ears were delighted to MICHAEL MAYER's IMMER (which translates in English to ALWAYS) - a mix CD that even for it's time seemed to transcend the state of the DJ mix album by bridging a timeless period of emerging music from producers known and new in exemplarity style and fusion. IMMER would play a pivotal role in bringing the sound of KOMPAKT and of course MICHAEL MAYER, to a global audience and to this date, and remains one of the most cherished and respected mix CD's of all time, having recently made countless “best of decade” charts normally reserved for studio albums (including PITCHFORK and FACT MAGAZINE) plus earning a #1 position of “Best Mix CD Of The 00's” in leading dance music authority RESIDENT ADVISOR. Since then, MICHAEL MAYER has continued to remain loyal to his roots of Cologne and between his time performing around the world maintains his weekday role as one of the core owners and operators of KOMPAKT - whether it be his careful A&R for the label, overseeing the distribution division or his studio collaborations and famed remixes with SUPERPITCHER as SUPERMAYER and of course his own production work (check his most recent remix for DELPHIC), the man is well deservingly one of the most dedicated members of the music community thanks to his tireless work ethic and continuous enthusiasm. Following a winter holiday and series of gigs in South America, Michael arrived back home inspired and went straight to work on preparing the mix. As with the previous IMMER releases, what you hear in IMMER 3 immediately is a tremendously personal and reflective mix - Michael jokes it as being the most feminine mix he's done. Opting not for the most current and hip genres or tracks of the moment, Michael carefully chose timeless musical moments from his record crate that almost hints as a call to obliterate the current state of overhyped minimal bongo house, formulaic techno and dub step that rules the clubs today - as was similarly the case back with the first IMMER release. The results reflect the smooth flow and selection that Michael brings to his fans in clubs week after week. Taking cue from his love for performing in the early morning hours “…when the skin seems to fail separating dancers from each other…when the night has reached it's peak of intimacy”, IMMER 3 opens with the haunting croon of CORTNEY TIDWELL aided by the lush bed of EWAN PEARSON's ambient fluidity. MATIAS AGUAYO & DIRK LEYER's now legendary CLOSER MUSIK's “Departures" is awoken from it's 2002 slumber in timeless form giving sway for the mesmerizing trippiness of DJ KOZE's remix for BEN WATT. TIM PARIS and the fundamental classic SMITH N HACK track “Falling Stars” set up the pace with a solidified summer house tune to lead in to RAUDIVE's sinister stormer “Slave”. GUI BORATTO ushered in this year with one of his best tunes ever and a true modern anthem - his remix for MASSIVE ATTACK “Paradise Circus” took vocalist HOPE SANDOVAL to insatiable levels of sonic bliss and thus makes for a pivotal part of the mix. Unfortunately due to the limited understanding and compassion of MASSIVE ATTACK's record label, this song is not allowed to appear on the digital version of the mix and therefore only appears on the CD version. Onward, POPNONAME makes his KOMPAKT POP debut with the TERRANOVA remix of his hit “Hello Gorgeous”. Finally, after 3 years of waiting, the sleeping beauty that is SUPERPITCHER's lost CHARLOTTE GAINSBOURG remix makes its debut official appearance - the classic flair of SUPERPITCHER's sexy techno sway conjoins with Madame GAINSBOURG in a duet like no other. It's possibly one of the most bizarre DJ transitions in music ever but amazingly South Africa's CULOE DE SONG's emotionally overwhelming anthem “The Bright Forest” makes total sense when linked with JUSTUS KöHNCKE aka KINKY JUSTICE's cover of the ROUND TWO house classic “NEW DAY”. So there you have it - IMMER 3…elegant, personal, enriching and as always - seductive.
Endlich ist sie da: IMMER 3! Elegant, persönlich, hypnotisch und verführerisch wie immer. Unschlagbar!!

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