Album artwork for Immer

Immer Ede & Deckert feat. Sargland

Cat No: rb123-7
Barcode: 4250101462467
12,80 €
  • 64e5de7524a3e
  • release
The lines between off-centre synth songs and catchy hits have always and forever been ultra-thin. With Immer the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Ede & Deckert managed to turn a red wine and post punk melancholy fueled jam session into a haunting alternative dance jam. While their instrumental sits neatly between the dark wave of Eleven Pond and the British Electric Foundation, it is the voice of the German singer with the mysterious name Sargland. One could think it is possibly an anagram? Called in for spontaneous vocal work, the repetitiveness and heartfelt expression of lovelorn of his tone and lyrics are quite simply irresistible and dichotomic. Whether it’s lover’s grief or delight, Immer works its magic in every way and for everyone.

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