Release date: June 22, 2009
Cat No: SPECTRAL 072
Barcode: 804297997223
6,50 €
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Alan Abrahams (aka Bodycode) is a restless spirit. His tracks have itchy feet and busy brains, chugging along at a brisk clip while cramming in enough rhythmic detail that make one_s head spin. Alan grew up in post-Apartheid South Africa, where polyrhythmic percussion first entered his bloodstream; he then lived in Portugal for years, sweating it out in Lisbon_s club scene while absorbing the sounds of electronic dance music and releasing tracks via numerous aliases. Three years after releasing 2006_s The Conservation of Electric Charge on Spectral Sound, the man known as Bodycode moved from Lisbon to Berlin. Now, Teutonic house music_s taut, jacking rhythms form the core of Immune, Alan_s new full-length as Bodycode. Immune opens with the super-sub-bass pulse and cool atmospherics of “Meaning and Memory,” a track which already sounds worlds away from Conservation_s tech-y clicks _n cuts. Following “Meaning and Memory”_s sleek efficiency is “Hyperlight,” a galloping, end-over-end beat chasing endlessly after an elusive vocal sample (“get up!”) that always seems one step ahead of the kick drum. Vocal samples humanize Immune_s technological edge, providing heavy-lidded narration on lead single “What Did You Say” and lending the click-clacking “Imitation Lover” an old-school diva charm. Immune_s closing moments are some of its loveliest, as the title track dresses up its drum-machine beat in chillingly distant piano chords and some low-slung gospel harmonies. Fittingly, Bodycode_s biggest musical step forward features a chorus of baritones warbling, “Nothing in this world is immune from change.”
Eine Ansammlung von Tracks, die immer ins Bein gehen aber auch jeden Kopf zum Rauchen bringen.