Album artwork for Inhuman

Inhuman The Mole

Release date: April 6, 2015
Cat No: SOL 7
Barcode: 880319704918
10,20 €
The Mole Is Back On Slices Of Life With 3 New Tracks And 3 Different Views On The House Music Of These Days. Two Years After "Hang In There Fry Guy" (Sol4) Colin De La Plante Continues His Collaboration With Slices Of Life. The Canadian Producer And Dj Is Very Well-Known For His Love For A Wide Range Of Music, Which Is Reflected In His Inspiring Dj And Live Sets. Though His Favour For Soulful Music Always Shines Through In All His Productions, It Is Most Evident In The Edits Of His "7 Inches Of Love" Series As Well As In The Trippy Excursions On His Own Imprint "Maybe Tomorrow". Accordingly, The 3 New Tracks For Slices Of Life Offers An Exciting Insight Into Various Musical Worlds Of Colin De La Plante. "Inhuman" Surprises With A Higher Bpm Rate Than You Might Expect From The Mole, But The 8-Minute Track Breathes A Warm And Humorous Funk And At The Same Time Twinkles Mischievous From The Dancefloor. Almost In Contradiction To The A Side, "Another One Of Those Nights" Offers A Deep And Almost Melancholic View On The Night And Its Various Side Effects. And Finally, "Hot Tea Dog Man" Links Perfectly To "Now I Understand" From Sol4: A Hypnotic Beat That Concentrates On The Essentials And A Few Well Set Elements That Carry The Track Wonderfully And Endlessly. But Experience The Words Of The Master Himself: "I Did Hear Recently That There Were 12 Million Pigs In Holland, Compared To 17 Million Humans .. That's A Lot Of Pigs... And Pig Meat Is In Everything... Like Some Wines ... In The Production Of Wine, Gelatine Can Be Used As A Clarifying Agent. The Gelatine Reacts With The Tannins And Bitter Substances And Absorbs Cloudy Elements That Can Then Be Separated From The Drink... But Pigs Didn't Really Have Much To Do With This Record... "

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