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Insides EP Julian Stetter



Release date: January 27, 2017
Cat No: PNN 18
Barcode: 880319839719
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PNN 18
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Includes high-quality Mp3 download
Julian Stetter might be best known as ‘one half of the electronic pop duo VIMES’, but he is no stranger to the Cologne club scene. His debut EP ‘Insides’ stems from a long history of djing and organising underground parties across the city. A resident DJ and collaborator at Cologne’s famed JackWho club, it was these surroundings that drove Stetter to dive deep into producing. His first solo project is now set to be released on the label PNN. It features three tracks plus a remix by Beyou. Stetter’s sound is polished and the precise production of each three tracks make this EP feel far from debut. ‘Emily’ is the first track set to be released this Friday. It draws you in on shimmering waves that rise and break into a deeper and spacier sound. Warm beats are interjected with random snippets of whale song. Listening to Emily feels like receiving a welcome hug at an after party.

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