Label: Laid
Release date: May 18, 2009
Cat No: Laid 001
Barcode: 880319419515
Sold Out
We are pleased to announce Rick Wade - ”Intelligence“ the first release of our new sublabel Laid. With the help of Dor Levi we are starting this new series of 12 inches - available on vinyl only. We dedicate this new imprint to musicians we have been fans and followers of since many, many years. People who inspired us (and still do), who's records we love to play, collect and occasionally quote. But Laid would not be part of Dial if it would'nt have the same subcribition to the now and a certain openness for all potential kicks and turns. Please welcome with us Mr. Rick Wade. The detroit based founder of Harmony Park, one of our favourite record labels (remember Mike Huckabys debut - ”Deep Transportation“) and outstanding producer of countless releases on labels like Track Mode, Moods & Grooves, Rush Hour etc. For the first catalogue number of Laid, Rick produced three tracks that are contemporary deep house music in perfection. Enjoy!