Album artwork for Intergalactic Adventure

Intergalactic Adventure Moo Moonster / Parissior



Release date: April 30, 2021
Cat No: AEON051
Barcode: 4250101427312
Digital Single
Coming from the celebration of its 50th release - a stellar compilation including some of the most cutting-edge artists in the scene - AEON is ready again to conquer dancefloors with a killer EP courtesy of the spanish producers Moo Moonster & Parissior.Born Carlos Velez and Jesus Aparicio, Moo Moonster & Parissior have joined forces in an over one year long process to pay homage to their main musical influences: Cosmic, Italo and Electro. The result of these endless sessions is enclosed into Intergalactive Adventure EP, their first collaborative studio work.This package is a perfect combination of 2 different visions united by a common denominator: Arpeggios.“Voices” open up the EP with a view into futuristic techno sounds. With textures which progressively increase more and more wrapped in a dark groove, the only result possible is a instant new classic which will last through the years.Title track “Intergalactic Adventure” follows bringing you straight into orbit as the title suggest. A distinctive rhythm filled with space fx and dreamy sounds create the perfect atmosphere to drive you into your personal space travel.Scottish hero Theo Kottis step up on remix duties with a clear idea: banging drums, a rolling bassline and a few elements from the original tune. With that in mind, his work results in a carefully crafted hit for big dance floors: you would not be surprised to hear it in places like Panoramabar or Circoloco’s Terrace.Closing the package we have “The Eyes of Darkness”, a track where the duo raised the pace, being stronger and more energetic. Acidic touches and a distinctive guitar riff are doing the rest, without letting it loose the cosmic part that unites the whole package.Once again with this EP the Berlin-based label made clear how they gained and deserved their position in the music industry.

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