Album artwork for Interstellar EP

Interstellar EP Orbite

Release date: July 13, 2018
Cat No: Echo Echo 002
Barcode: 880319932113
Echo Echo 002
8,70 €
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Echocord sub-label Echo Echo continues this July with Orbite’s ‘Interstellar’ EP, a threetracker from the Berlin- based producer. Orbite is a brand new project founded in Berlin, Germany with a nod towards the raw, dubby sounds often heard across the clubs in the city, and where better to inaugurate things than the recently launched sub-label of Copenhagen’s Echocord, one of the leading imprints in the realms of Dub Techno, home to pioneering acts like Rod Modell/Deepchord, Pole and Fluxion who have paved the way for Orbite’s own twist on the genre. The ethereal pad textures of ‘Skylar’ lead on the package, deftly evolving alongside bubbling synth tones, swelling chords and shuffled percussion to create a create dynamically unfolding six and a half minute cut. ‘Moment’ follows, edging things further into dubbed-out territories with heavily delayed dub echoes and mesmeric spoken word poetry intertwining to create a, hypnotic beatless soundscape. ‘Organi’ closes the record with emotive, billowing pads, warm bell like tones and vocal murmurs running alongside swinging shakers and stripped-back micro-house percussion.

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