Album artwork for Invisible Path

Invisible Path Clarinets

Cat No: FV008
Barcode: 4250101430640
11,20 €
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Boasting a catalogue of distinctive music Funnuvojere turned two this year. Its eight release comes from Clarinets the new alias of Tbilisi based Gacha Bakradze. Invisible Path is the title of this EP, a name that seems to reference Gacha's own nimble movements across cities and genres. It started in 2015 with a rather ambient LP with Apollo Records, and has recently seen him releasing a third LP with Barcelona's Lapsus Records. Despite this new skin, Gacha's identity can still be strongly felt in Clarinets. The four tracks composing this EP highlight Bakradze's mastership in designing harmonies. Graceful frequencies rise from the title track, driven by a steady arpeggio that builds and explodes in multiple directions. 'Dry Bridge' uses classic balearic sounds to decorate a powerful bass line, evoking an accelerated sunset at sea. The same balearic iterations define the deeply emotional 'Knee', in which the sound breathes and expands skywards. The closing track 'Afternoon' is a warm house ballad to round-off the last moments of a long after-hours session.

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