Album artwork for Iron Muscle

Iron Muscle Spectral Empire

Release date: October 26, 2018
Cat No: Malka Tuti 0020
Barcode: 880319965319
Malka Tuti 0020
12,80 €
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180g Vinyl / Vinyl Only / Printed Innersleeves
Spectral Empire are George Thompson (aka Black Merlin / Karamika) and Kyle Martin (Vactrol Park / Land of Light). With the release of Iron Muscle they are celebrating 10 years since their debut ep Innerfearence saw the light of day in 2008 on the now defunct THISISNOTANEXIT record label. Legend tells all track were made around the same time (2008-2009), at what was back then Kyle’s studio in Archway, London, however opinions remain divided over the validity of this info. What is remembered for a fact is that they’v used practically every home appliance and improvised noise they could find, record and harness, in order to create the feeling of what they describe as a “ Robot walking” for the title track Iron Muscle. Anything from kitchen drawers to DVD’s and cutlery was sampled and then drenched in effects and manipulated in order to create what came out as a cinematic futuristic piece to dive into again and again, a soundtrack for an unwritten sci-fi movie, or just a dramatic soundtrack for your everyday lives.. With See the invisible, rules do not apply. An arpeggiated groove sitting on a steady half time 60bpm beat, its like the perfect soundtrack to the perfect car chase. Mediterranean riverbed guitars- not-guitars, sirens, and a heavy (dreamy?) atmosphere fill the voids and keeps the track pushing forward throughout... The 4th track on the record is a never before seen the light of day epic remix by Die Wilde Jagd, that back then still included Ralf Beck (Unit 4) as an active member of the band (back when they were still known as Der Raüber und Der Prinz). The release will be a vinyl only release, and is already getting massive support from the likes of Vladimir Ivkovic, Michael Mayer, John Talabot, Red Axes, Manfredas, Trevor Jackson, Lena Wilikkens, Man Power and many more...

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