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Is This What They Were Born For?

Label: Magazine
Release date: November 12, 2012
Cat No: Magazine 006 Ltd
Barcode: 880319601712
Sold Out
Sold Out
Barnt Is This What They Were Born For?Limited Editionmagazine 6 Vinyl In 380g/Sm Sleeve + Art Supplement.20 Copies For Exklusiv Onlythe Supplement:Fine Art Faksimile Colourprint Of Handwritten Textpages30x30cm300g/Sm Photo Rag Paperprinted With Lucia Ex 12tone Ink. / Min. 60 Years Colourproof25 Copies – Stamped/Signed/Numbered
Barnt Is This What They Were Born For?Limitierte Editionmagazine 6 Vinyl In 380g/Qm Sleeve + Kunst-Beilage20 Exemplare Exklusiv Für Kompakt.fmdie Beilage:Fine Art Faksimile Farbdruck Von Handgeschriebenen Textseiten30x30cm300g/Qm Photo Rag Papergedruckt Mit Lucia Ex 12-Ton Tinte / Min. 60 Jahre Farbechtauflage 25 Stück – Gestempelt/Signiert/Nummeriert

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