Album artwork for Issues VA 002

Issues VA 002 V/A



Release date: April 28, 2021
Cat No: ISSVA002
Barcode: 4250101429439
Sold Out
Second VA for ISSUES is a limited copy and special edition yellow vinyl and its big one as all the tracks included on the vinyl are the top selling tracks of the past few months. First track on the A side is by Detlef. “Back2back” is simple but effective, with a strong kick, subby bassline, technical effects and a massive captivating vocal in the breakdown, creating tension using effects that leads to a massive drop. On the same side Just Jake’s “Sphinx” has a unique Ancient Egyptian vibe, with a funky Sitar and traditional Arabian singing driving the breakdowns, the track has a quick thumping, wobbly bass line groove with solid percussion. On the B side there is Nicola d’Angella’s “Kill vibe” which is a dancefloor weapon with a quick bass that creates a unique groove and a massive breakdown with full vocals. On the same side there is also Chicks Luv Us with their popular track “Look so fun” which is extremely groovy and catchy with a big bassline and vocals that create a playful groove.

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