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It's All Good EP

Release date: September 18, 2015
Cat No: MOC004
Barcode: 880319728617
8,70 €
  • kcis9PStRJ8M
  • release
Sometimes playful, sometimes serious and conceptual Sounds that skirmish in a huge construct of 4 Tracks. A sizzling noise pops up a straight kick ’n’ hi-hat rhythmic and initiates “It’s All Good“ by Alek S, the new EP on “made of CONCETE”. First track, “Grand Central“, remains true to the sound of industrial techno and the main-lead synthesizer, sounding like fast objects passing the structure of differing beat-fabric. By the second Track “It’s All Good“, remixed by Myles Sergé, described as reclusive perfectionist, whose roots are based on Detroit/Chicago electronic music, the sound evolves into intense and delightful percussional tech sound. Followed by the original track “It’s All Good“ and the final one “Boyz Weekend“ the EP proves it’s continuous quality of straight surfaces and deep dubby techno sound.

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