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ivanovo night luxe Vladimir Dubyshkin



Cat No: TRP048
Barcode: 4250101471902
29,90 €
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not many artists are able to develop a distinct sonic identity releasing just 5 solo records. through his selective output in the course of 5 years on nina kraviz's Trip, vladimir dubyshkin gained not only an army of loyal fans analysing his live sets for new music, he also inspired many who followed and continued to develop his unique sound.

his tracks, many of which became underground hits like "lady of the night", "ticket to childhood" or "russian porn magazine", always stand out and are immediately recognisable. be it weird syncopated euro dance reminiscent bangers with crazy vocal snaps or haunting hypnotic beauties on a techno side. his music always has that genius dubyshkin groove, a pinch of irony and the ability to make just anyone dance, from a small underground club to a huge festival dancefloor. this universal appeal ensures his tracks resonate across sound systems of all sizes, embedding themselves in the listener's consciousness long after the music stops.

on "ivanovo night luxe", his first double ep on Trip, vladimir sounds as amazingly unhinged as ever embarking on a surreal journey, from the eerie echoes of a haunted funfair ride to the core of a peak-time set.

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