Album artwork for Ivic

Ivic Saele Valese



Release date: February 11, 2021
Cat No: N0012
Barcode: 4250101426780
19,90 €
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Saele Valese's music has always been a unique proposition. Rooted in sound design and the potential of atmospheric aural textures, his few releases to date have sat somewhere in between drone, dub techno, ghostly ambient and the more minimalistic end of electronica. On IVIC, his long-promised debut album, Valese continues to explore this intoxicating and immersive trademark sound, unveiling slowly shifting suites of tracks crafted from creeping drone tones, softly swelling ambient chords, occasional sub-bass tones and sparse, pared-back electronic rhythms. For the most part the tone is clandestine and mildly unsettling, with periods of decaying beauty interspersed with strangely hypnotic outings and genuinely chilling musical moments.

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