Album artwork for Jemek Jemowit is Dr. Dres

Jemek Jemowit is Dr. Dres Jemek Jemowit

Release date: November 27, 2015
Cat No: 12Bach4
Barcode: 880319721717
14,90 €
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Jemek was never easy to read: Is he serious or is it all a joke? With his new album »Jemek Jemowit is Doktor Dres« the one-man band, DJ and conceptual artist that is Jemek Jemowit moves between old-school rap, Southern trap and EBM, skillfully mixed by the infamous hardcore techno legend Marc Acardipane. Jemowit’s anarchistic-dadaistic and often quite explicit lyrics (there is a sticker on the front of the vinyl record warning the listener of »swear words«) the, to quote the artist, »post-patriotic« Jemek sings in Polish, the language of his parents and in German, the language of the country he grew up in, he studied in and in which he lives today. On his last »hyper-patriotic« (Jemowit) EP »Tekkno Polo« which came out on the Polish Label Oficyna Biedota in 2012, Jemowit focused on Polish culture in Poland. On the Polish market the Pole with a German passport, presenting music that was recorded in Italy and which had used the Polish sub-genre »Disco Polo«, the Polish equivalent to »Euro Dance«, as template was an exotic. Subjects Jemowit touched were national dishes like bigos or bizarre figures of Polish pop culture. Was he serious or was it all a joke? Until today Jemowit finds it »remarkable«, without taking sides, that Poles in Germany »so easily adapt, they seem to merge into German culture so quickly«. On his new album »Jemek Jemowit is Doktor Dres« which is released on the Berlin-based label »Martin Hossbach« Jemek embraces the role of the Pole in Berlin. In Polish, peppered with new word creations and grammatical mistakes, he states that his alter ego »Doktor Dres« (Dres is the Polish word for tracksuit) leads a better live in Berlin that he used to do in Poland. He often switches into the German language, too. In an interview with label founder Martin Hossbach Jemowit said: »I’m the perfect Pole in Germany who goes shopping at the most expensive warehouse in West-Berlin, the KaDeWe, without reproach and my German is pretty good, too!« He has now become the person that »Tekkno Polo« reacted against with its »hyper-patriotic« approach. Germany is now the sacred land and on album track »Oryginalne Adidasy« he invites his fellow Poles to come and visit him, he who »grew up between The Wall and Moschino«, in Berlin and have Polish dumplings (pierogi), made by Gucci at KaDeWe. »Endlessly bragging / Style without class / Deutsche Mark / Oryginalne Adidasy« – this is Doktor Dres’ slogan and the read threat for Jemek Jemowit’s new album.

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