Album artwork for Jesus Pose

Jesus Pose Engyn

Release date: December 14, 2018
Cat No: URR 002
Barcode: 4250101402517
Digital Single
URR 002
Since getting major attention with the release of his debut long-player, ‘Leaving Glenwood’, Engyn kept himself particularly busy, multiplying main routes and side projects with laudable constancy. Championing a sound both sensuous and elegant, entirely dedicated to getting dancers into the zone, the Berlin-based producer steps up today on Unreel with 'Jesus Pose', his debut solo delivery under the Engyn moniker, featuring LA techno and house legend John Tejada on remix duty. Aligning the planets into a riveting ballet of cosmic forces and pulsating magnetic fields, the title-track ushers you into a world of otherwordly quietude. Through stellar breezes of arpeggiated melodic phrases, delayed synth stabs and skittish drumwork ratcheting up the tension of its buildup a shade further as bars scud by, Engyn transports you to a captivatingly nostalgic grey area. A more experimental-leaning affair, 'Mirror Pyramid' breaks all sense of linearity with its beaming synth shards shooting in all directions. Returning to a dancefloor-ready state of mind, John Tejada hammers it home with a straight out hypnotic dasher, emphasizing on the original mix's smooth progressive groove to make it a first-rate functional club weapon in his ever high-flying standards. NASA-approved space cruise music.

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