Album artwork for Jesus Was An Alien

Jesus Was An Alien Perel / Marie Davidson



Release date: March 30, 2022
Cat No: Kompakt 451.1
Barcode: 4250101441271
The dance floor as devotional is a trope as old as the club itself. But, with her new single, Jesus Was An Alien, Perel subverts the stakes of our collective communion: Who are our arms raised to? Who are we seeking salvation from?

“Jesus Was An Alien is a discourse about whether Jesus was an actual alien,” she explains, “but also a social debate about what is and implies religion today.” It’s a soundtrack for the listener’s own journey through the intricacies and ironies of modern belief.

The track stirs like a late-night revelation, a heady discovery awakened in the dark. Perel lays out a fiercely disciplined electro pulse, with French Canadian musician and songwriter Marie Davidson’s proclamations growing more fervent over the song’s sensual stride. “I already said everything with my synthesizers and the melodies I created,” Perel explains of the collaboration, but “somehow she gave the song a voice I couldn’t.”

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