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Jet / Shelter Justus Köhncke



Release date: November 23, 2001
Cat No: Kompakt 049 D
Barcode: 880319016318
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The dream of flying is as old as mankind. But what's left is a daily jet race. The airspace is completely jammed. I repeat: the airspace is jammed! And it's vast, the airspace! That's why KOMPAKT tower has decided to better re-route Justus Köhncke`s virtual supersonic jet into the club. First tests have proved highly satisfactory flight qualities and a 100 percent guarantee against pressure drops on the dance floor. A real turbo-blast by the ex-Whirlpooler! Fit to loop the loop, too, though in a less vertiginous tuning, the remix by M. Mayer, who cuts down the energy consumption by 50 percent and doubles the propulsive force. And it goes without saying - at constant aerodynamic. When it comes to „Shelter“, there's nothing more to add than this track crushes „Marmor, Stein und Eisen bricht“ (english: „marble, stone and iron...“), and that love is back on firm ground again. Artist remark 2020: So „Jet“ was recorded at the Cologne homestudio replete with actual Jetplanes field-recorded just before at Stuttgart Airport with students of the „Merz Akademie“ as part of a sound workshop I did there. The DAT Master of „Jet“ was recorded exactly on September 9, 2001. Exactly 2 days before 9/11. It was quite scary to have just produced a club banger replete with Jets speeding above the clubber‘s heads serving as the aural peak feature of the track. Still not believing in ghosts or numberical mysteries. But that was indeed spooky.
Loopingtauglicher Düsenjet-Poptechno vom ex-Whirlpool-Mann. Inklusive M. Mayer Remix. Köncke erzählt 2020: 2001 „Jet“ im Kölner Homestudio fertiggestellt mit kurz zuvor handmikrofonierten Fieldrecordings von Düsenfliegern am Stuttgarter Flughafen im Rahmen eines Soundworkshops mit Studenten der Merz-Akademie. DAT-Master von „Jet“ exakt am 9. September 2001 aufgenommen. Exakt 2 Tage vor 9/11. Es war ziemlich gespenstisch, gerade einen Clubtrack mit über die Köpfe donnernden Jets gemacht zu haben als Attraktion. Glaube trotzdem immer noch nicht an Gespenster oder Zahlenmystik, bis heute. Aber das war schon spooky.

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