Album artwork for Jungle Boogie EP

Jungle Boogie EP Ferrari



Release date: November 20, 2020
Cat No: AEON048X
Barcode: 4250101422256
Digital Single
Earlier this year we were happy to release Ferrari’s first ever track on AEON; a crafty remix of Alex Niggemann’s ‘Rise of the Machines’. Towards the end of November, the Italian producer’s ‘Jungle Boogie’ EP will brighten up the darker months of the year. Ferrari wrote the record during Italy’s strict lockdown evenings and first days of easing the restrictive measures, which created a sound of both frenzy and relieve. The record’s title track creates expectations, which it meets, but not in the exact way you expected it. ‘Jungle Boogie’ starts with native percussion rhythms, but swiftly evolves into a fever dream with altered bird sounds that create an extraterrestrial impression. While female vocals are trying to get to you, you get lost more and more in the acid jungle Ferrari created. While the animals celebrate the temporary absence of mankind. ‘Trancektor’ immediately spirals down towards even deeper parts of your unconscious. This time, however, the world you find yourself in feels more like an 80s arcade game. Circling, Italo disco-inspired synths swirl around you as the spatial sounding beat runs on. The third track on the EP, ‘Tellurico’, is an uplifting tune with forceful keys that push you forward. The choir hypnotises this song’s listeners all the way to the end. The closing track of the ‘Jungle Boogie’ EP brings you into calmer waters, allowing you to recover a bit from your little journey. However, ‘Freakin’’ intensifies as it goes forward elevating you one last time. AEON invited Whitesquare - well known from his releases on Dj Tennis infamous „Life & Death“ - to rework ‘Jungle Boogie’s title track. He silenced the birds, but the trippiness of the track stays, while some new tropical animals enter the stage. This storytelling EP of five tracks shows some excellent curatorship of the Berlin-based label.

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