Album artwork for Jupiter

Jupiter Mikah

Release date: July 10, 2020
Cat No: 3000 Grad 085
Barcode: 4250101419065
Mischievous travel agent. Untiring party animal, behind the decks and in the middle of the dancefloor. Passionate activist of Hamburg's underground scene. Down-to-earth, yet wonderfully eccentric. There's many good reasons why it is always a good sign if Mikah shows up in the proximity of a big, booming soundsystem. On his Jupiter EP the man from the Hanseatic metropolis in North Germany reveals the deep, multifaceted character that lies under all these shimmering aspects of his personality. The wake of his compelling basslines creates whirling eddies of melodic drama, alternating between bright and dark shades. What we can hear and feel between the twisted hypnotism of the title track Jupiter and the sunstruck, breezy Tanzplatz is a field of electronic tension with truly mind-bending properties.

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