Album artwork for These Words

These Words Vhyce



Release date: October 8, 2021
Cat No: AEON055
Barcode: 4250101435898
Digital Single
We are happy to announce the debut EP Portuguese-Italian Vhyce. After his track „Back To Where I Never Was“ on a well received Lost Tapes Vol. 4, he is no stranger to the AEON camp anymore. Known from his releases on Catz N’ Dogz „Pets Recordings“, the young producer delivers a stunning 4 track EP with the title „These Words“.

Vhyce has a very characteristic sound design, which makes his simple and almost minimalistic, but catchy tunes so special; Though always trying to add something new to his repertoire. Like on the title track „These Words“ it was one of the first few attempts for him to sing some vocals on his own instrumentals. „While not being good at singing, I think it really set you free to be able to express your ideas yourself without relying on someone else understanding of your vision,“ he claims.

The track is built around an arpeggiated bass line oscillating between two sequences thats progressively build tension without being too obvious. The lyrics „These words have no meaning“ fell mysterious and open to interpretation.
 On the remix duty there’s no one less but „Chicken Lips“ legend Andrew, better known as The Emperor Machine. He stripped back the original to a more funky & grooving rework.
 “The plan was to create something that keeps the same emotion as the original mix but still feels different enough without changing direction too much & I think I managed to achieve that”, Andrew says. And yes, what a musical masterpiece he delivered!

„Strive for Ego“ is an attempt to fuse „Can“ & „Neu!“ Krautrock influences into a club track“, says Vicente. Constantly driving forward, with perfect temper and timing to rise tension and built up energy Track title refers to the lyrics... „I’m nobody“.

„Old You“ has a more traditional Italo Disco feel. The „happy“ sounding bass line is counterbalanced with rough and psychedelic analog leads, reminding of traveling through time and space in a 80‘s Sci-Fi movie. The vocoded lyrics shall „refer to an hate-love relationship with your old you....Maybe because it „holds you“, Vhyce describes.

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