Album artwork for Kahana

Kahana Michael Forzza & Andreas Dimitri

Release date: September 18, 2020
Cat No: SYST0128-6
Barcode: 4250101415494
9,46 €
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At the latest since groundbreaking releases on labels like Music Man and R&S Belgian techno stands for intense and atmospheric tunes which have that certain something that touches the listeners and dancers.

And without any doubt Michael Forzza and Dimitri Andreas have helped to shape this style and vibe, amongst others with releasing „Kahana“ in 2005.

Marc Romboy has always been a big fan of this tune so that it was a matter of time to plan a re-release including the original mix in a remastered way and three new versions which are more than audiolicious!

Barcelona´s specialists for ethereal techno, Fur Coat, come around with an extremely respect version which brings that certain early 90s dream techno vibe a la „The Age Of Love“ together with their typical contemporary and atmospheric sound.

Music Man´s finest Petar Dundov adds his best known sound signature to the tune while Forzza and Andrweas themselves master the impossible, as they transform the tune into a modern frame although keeping the original vibe.

New listeners and gourmets reminiscing about the good old times, noone will be disappointed at all!

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