Album artwork for Kan du se meg?

Kan du se meg? Sex Judas feat. Ricky

Release date: August 7, 2020
Cat No: FY144
Barcode: 4250101419072
9,20 €
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Sex Judas feat. Ricky started out as the solo project of Norwegian producer Tore Gjedrem known for his work as one half of electronic duo Ost & Kjex. Over time the project has developed as a fully fledged band including the talents of multi instrumentalist Ivar Winther, the bass magic of Kristian «Gesse» Edvardsen, the percussive force that is Sidiki Camara and Tore Brevik and the vocal talents of Tracee Meyn. The band has also many friends, most notably modern composer and violinist Ole Henrik Moe which often lends his avantgarde leanings to the group. Illustrator Sindre Goksøyr is also a key member, giving visual life to the project. The bands foremost home is the Glasgow label Optimo Music, that released Sex Judas debut album «Go Down Judas» in 2018. Earning the band a Norwegian Grammy, called the Spellemann.

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