Kicking Up

Release date: December 12, 2011
Cat No: SPC-106
Barcode: 804297710617
Sold Out
Ryan Elliott has long been our not-so-secret weapon; lending his curatorial mastery to the massive Spectral Sound Vol. 3 compilation, megamixingSpectral 25, and of course by representing on turntables the world over. But after a mere handful of remix credits, he charges out of the gates with his first Spectral production, “Kicking Up.” Deep bass and snares hurtle ever forward, assisted by occasional, faint sonic flourishes and a bevy of throwback vocal loops, but is otherwise devoid of sustained melody. If nothing impedes the supercharged, supersexual, super-Detroit momentum of “Kicking Up,” the "STABLO No. Remix" dials back the tech and pushes its house to the fore. Shakers, claps, echo and a whole lot of lateral motion imbues Elliott's take-no-prisoners original with a surprising conviviality.

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