Kicks Out Of You EP Red Axes

Release date: March 24, 2014
Cat No: Cliche055
Barcode: 880319657818
Sold Out
Three EPs on I’m a Cliché from 2012 and a bunch of EPs, tracks, remixes and edits on international imprints such as Correspondant, Relish, Days of Being Wild, Throne of Blood, Kill the DJ and more, made Red Axes gain respect throughout all the cold-ravers community.

“Kicks Out of You EP” is their fourth EP with the Paris-based boutique I’m a Cliché. It is their last DJ-friendly record (both vinyl and digital) before the awaited release of their first LP entitled “Ballad of the Ice”. Three original tracks are included. They feature: a tune in Spanish in “Candela Viva”; some spoken word in “Kicks out of You” (courtesy of their Brazilian punk friend Abrão, the same who featured in their hit “Caminho de Dreyfus”); and finally some unexpected samba beats in beautiful “Too Late to Samba”.

The reason why these two young guys born and raised in Israel should be that attracted to Latin America is like the reason why they should be so interested in German and French coldwave and other underground genres from the seventies and eighties: it shall remain a mystery. Red Axes are space and time travellers. However, what they send us from their trips is far from the typical postcard or the beach selfie. On the dancefloor, their sound plays with our craving for darkness, our sense of fun and our blue feelings; it frustrates and obsesses us. And thanks to their incredible technique, their passion for the past and the remote translates into something that belongs to right here and right now.

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