Album artwork for Kill The Bill EP

Kill The Bill EP Joshua Idehen / LOOR

Release date: March 4, 2022
Cat No: OMDD 041
Barcode: 4250101442384
Digital Single
OMDD 041
Joshua Idehen, Sons Of Kemet collaborator, and fresh from a release working with Daedelus joins forces with former alt-J Musician Gwil Sainsbury aka LOOR.

LOOR and I met on instagram. I was falling back into trance heavily so it felt so I really got into his Waters Album, and this was before I found out what he’d been doing prior. We talked aboutk collaborating on a track, but then we ended up ranting hard about The State Of Things – it was clear we were on the same wavelength, politically, Angry And Feeling Numb At The Same Time. When he sent over the beats for me to choose one, I had a listen through and I knew I was gonna ask to do an EP with him.

The last track I wrote was Kill The Bill. It’d taken a few tries to nail the verse at first; I knew I wanted a punchy opener, something that set the tone and captured the emotion. I follow James O’Brien on twitter, and for a while he started the day with the line “what fresh hell is this”. And I was like, yeah, that’s it; incredulousness.

What fresh hell The sun fell like a baton on the back of London town sirens blaring


Things are bad, the phone-lines are dead the road is dark and the wolf is a cop The devil don’t rest Is it even a protest If your oppressor said yes the rot is settling IN But understand this is the Tea, fake lords and gentlemen My spirit is not for kettling

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