King Of Sleaze

Release date: August 3, 2018
Cat No: MEMNTGN 007
Barcode: 880319958311
Simply an iconic release resulted from a project that brought together like-minded artists, history and lots of respect for people who created legacies many decades ago. This release tells a unique part of music history that people don’t know about yet. After becoming friends with the ‘secret Disco Hero' Wayne Scott, the mastermind behind this project Tim Taylor, had the brilliant idea of making a record together with him, talking about parts of his DJ life and times back then telling his true story and experiences. Wayne who had a very singular career path and many interesting stories, borrowed his distinct voice bringing nice character to the project. Wayne Scott was one of the original pioneer DJ’s from New York Disco heydays of the 70’s. He became resident of Studio 54 in 1977 and also played at the famous Flamingo, where he was recognized for mixing this type of music they called 'Sleaze' or 'Morning music'. These tracks with a more emotional style were played later in the night to give the crowd a more relaxed finale. Sleaze then became very popular throughout the underground gay Disco clubs in New York, but Wayne had this special ability that other did not have at that time. Playing songs that nobody else played and always in a different way, he was the one who played the style better than anybody and was given the nickname 'The King Of Sleaze'. The original track has participation of Brazilian artist Belt and brings a unique energy to the dancefloor. The rhythmic construction associated with the vocal gives impulse the sonorities that complete the music. Tessuto remix brings a new look to the vocals beyond the classic beats of Roland 909 and synths that stroll in the history of music. L_cio brings a more serious version, highlighting the work of synths and subs. MEMNTGN_007: “the history to clubs and parties”.

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