Album artwork for Klangbilder EP

Klangbilder EP Albert Van Abbe

Release date: July 13, 2018
Cat No: Echocord Colour 042
Barcode: 880319926211
Echocord Colour 042
4,90 €
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Echocord’s Colour sub-label returns early June with a four- track EP from Eindhoven’s Albert Van Abbe in the shape of ‘Klangbilder’. Dutch Techno artist Albert Van Abbe has nearly two decades of experience under his belt in various forms of musical and visual expression, releasing on his own Vanabbe imprint, Figure Jams, Semantica and No Comment, as well as playing live and DJing at hot spots across the globe such as Berghain, Tresor, DGTL and Awakenings festival. ‘Klangbilder 1’ leads with a robust rhythmic drive, employing bumpy toms, shuffled hats and lumpy kicks at its core as vacillating synths, tension building drones and menacing pizzicato strings develop throughout. ‘Klangbilder 2’ takes things deeper next, retaining the dusty drums sound of the previous cut whilst stirring in airy ethereal pads and choppy, resonant stab sequences. ‘Klangbilder 3’ kicks off the B-Side with modulating synth whirrs, emotive organ tones and a muted drum tones throughout before ‘Klangbilder 4’ closes the package, taking things beatless and cinematic via emotive synth leads, droning subs and expansive echoes.

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