Album artwork for Korkenkäfer

Korkenkäfer Dolph

Release date: February 19, 2016
Cat No: Adub029
Barcode: 880319751714
8,20 €
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The Evening Wind Carries The Sound Of Distant Music. Raindrops Running Down The Window Like Glistening Pearls. Those Small Moments, Unimposing Yet So Intense And Unforgettable. It's This Kind Of Moments That Makes The Sound Of Dolph Stand Out. The Pounding Heaviness Of The Kickdrum And The Sharp Smack Of The Clap Might Be Omnipresent – But It's Not These Rhythmic Elements That Make The Magic Happen. Rather, It's Those Small Moments Of Understatement: Dubby Delays, Whirling Through The Air Like Leaves. Long Filter Modulations, Morphing Through The Soundscape Like Wafts Of Fog. Colourful Harmonies, Popping Up Like Sudden Flowers. A 10“ Vinyl Comes With The Mellow Stimulation Named Free Of Thoughts As Well As X, A Collaboration By Dolph And Levolt. The Digital Version Of This Release Features An Additional Remix By Mollono.bass Plus Another Exclusive Track.

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