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Kosi Comes Around Dj Koze



Release date: September 12, 2005
Cat No: Kompakt 124
Barcode: 880319020414
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Includes high-quality Mp3 download
Includes high-quality Mp3 download
This may sound overly dramatic to state, but DJ Koze is truly here to give the world a piece of his mind - and the facts are blatantly presented here on this album. Stefan Kozalla aka DJ Koze is a revolutionist and proves beyond reasonable doubt on Kosi Comes Around that nobody else can load music up with so much madness yet balance it gingerly with love and warmth. He feels there are promises that must be given surrounding the multitude of "new lies" that exist in this world today and a true determination of bringing house back to it's utopian place once again. And what house it is... musically emanating the depth and spirit of Brian Wilson with whispers of the pop-fused sway he punctuates as a member of International Pony, DJ Koze synthesizes the absurd with the tangible in infinite combinations, thus creating gorgeous moments in music.
Koze's erstes Album ist da, um der Welt den Kopf zu waschen. Das klingt drastisch, ist aber so.

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