Album artwork for L.D.O.E

L.D.O.E Aaaron & Deckert

Release date: October 20, 2017
Cat No: Connected 020
Barcode: 880319880117
Connected 020
8,70 €
Aaaron joins forces with newcomers Deckert and Singer Valentine to unveil the new title track for connected. The three combine all the talents of each individual to create something really special. While Aaaron provides a sub heavy African inspired groove pattern and combines it with Deckert’s intense harmonies, Valentine finishes off the track with her touching voice performance and lyrics that are both melancholic and deep. Wether you listen to it on your odyssey through the night or while watching the sun rise again: If you had to choose a hymn for your last night on this planet, ‘L.D.O.E.’ might be your future pick.

Floyd soaks up everything that was happy, bright and ancestral and pushes it straight into the void twisting it into a hypnotic techno chant where leftovers leave nothing but ashes behind. Perfect for a rough peaktime approach or the early morning hours when the storm is hitting the coast. This track is a predator and will haunt you in your dreams through an endless jungle of insanity.

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