Album artwork for La Machina

La Machina Fabrizio Rat

Release date: January 29, 2016
Cat No: OT019
Barcode: 880319743115
8,20 €
From France comes Fabrizio Rat with a 4-track EP constructed entirely from acoustic piano and drum machine. Mr. Rat's unique sound design blew our ears away, particularly at a time when so much techno is more reliant on following a blueprint rather than trying to push the frontiers of what is possible, which to us was always the true raison d'être of techno.

Here's a little more info about Fabrizio -

I'm a Pianist, composer and producer crossing musical genres, from techno to contemporary music, improvised music to electronica.

I developed a personal sonic world on the acoustic piano transforming it into a synthesizer and a groove machine with DIY techniques and objects.

Pianist of Cabaret Contemporain (electro-bio) and Magnetic Ensemble playing festivals and venues throughout France and Europe, Canada and USA.

Other projects are La Machina (solo, with a prepared piano and a drum machine), Jukebox, Barber Mouse and Luna Maze. The first album of The Explosion, a new ambient trio with Gilb’R and Giani Caserotto, will be released on Versatile Records autumn 2015.

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