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Laid Compilation Various Artists



Release date: June 6, 2011
Cat No: LAID 001CD
Barcode: 880319511226
13,35 €
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After 10 vinyl only singles the DIAL sublable LAID releases a selection of essential House Music masterpieces for the first time on CD. Since DIAL brought up its eccentric family business in 2000 the love for true House Music was always one main inspiration. Highly inspired by the US based music a label was needed to be the cosmopolitan sister of DIAL records. Inviting protagonists like Jus Ed, Keith Wothy, Patrice Scott, Fred P and many others from the United States to the legendary DIAL Allnighters, exchanging tracks and ideas, a thousand dj sets worldwide, these where the issues who built LAID records. With the Detroit legend Rick Wade it began in Mai 2009 - a very classical start. Followed by tracks and 12inches by artists like John Roberts, Fred P, Marcello Napolitano, Lowtec, Christopher Rau and many more LAID fills a whole range from traditional to contemporary, from sweet to dark, from clean to rough. After three years now it's the time to present a compilation to show how deep, fresh and colorful the LAID sound still is. House Music is here to stay. Forever..

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