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Landside, Pt. 1

Release date: August 28, 2015
Cat No: Just This 004
Barcode: 880319715815
Sold Out

Landside, Is The First Collaboration Between The Italian Producers Hunter/Game And The Icelandic Band Kúra. The Sound Comes From A Deep Vibe And Melanchonic Ambients It Evolves Thanks To Kúra?S Electronic And Dub Mood, To An Intense Rhythm Flow. While Keeping Groove As Its Main Element, Coming From Techno And House Roots Of Hunter/Game Background. Fanney Osk Vocals Comes As A Clear Warm Breath In A Cold Mountain Breeze, Creating Vibrating Weaves, Introuducing Synths And Melodies Leads That Breaks Spaces As An Intense Storm.

Landside Part 1

Is Visionary Journey Into Uncharted Lands, Ranges Of Uncrossed Soundscapes, Merging Abstract Atmosphere With Boundless Emotions.

Max Cooper Remix Is An Eclectic Vision Of A Deep Flow. Vocals Are Floating Over A Strong Dark Bassline, Keeping And Intense Energy.

Benjamid Damage Remix Is A Straiht Techno Tool, Digging Groove Lines Into Ambient Melodies And Mellow Vocals

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