Last Call

Release date: October 14, 2016
Cat No: 0f0c4
Barcode: 880319783616
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Hailing from Reynosa, Mexico and the Lower Rio Grande Valley in Texas, Andres Aguirre has been a lifelong devotee for music and audio production. He became a radio host of an electronic music show and production director for the student-run 91.7 FM station in Austin, and his longtime passion for playing and collecting music linked Andres with the Forbidden Colours family from long ago. Aguirre returns to Forbidden Colours - this time with a solo EP concept crafted with as much love for the dance floor as it is for the casual living room listener. Situated somewhere in the realm of deep house with a touch of techno, the rich harmonies and vivid textures take you through a hypnotic trip composed of spacey electronic tracks, smooth songs, and adventurous interludes. My love wears forbidden colours My life believes My love wears forbidden colours My life believes in you once again