Album artwork for Late Reflections

Late Reflections Grandbrothers

Cat No: SLANG50474LP
Barcode: 4250506845193
27,90 €
  • 6436a253dfa3d
  • release
The music for this new Grandbrothers album was written for a concert celebrating the 700 year anniversary of Cologne Cathedral, a UNESCO world heritage site and the most visited building in Germany. It is one of the biggest cathedrals in the world and during the summer Grandbrothers were allowed to record their new album there which was premiered at the mentioned concert. This was the first and last time the cathedral allowed any musicians other than their own choirs etc. to use this space as a recording space. Grandbrothers spent many night shifts at the cathedral in complete solitude working on the music as this is the only time when it is empty. They worked with the specific 13 second reverb in the cathedral and played with the room and the recordings. The album was engineered by Francesco Donadello (Johann Johannsson, Thom Yorke among others) and mixed by Paul Corley (Sigur Ros, Tim Hecker etc).

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